Trim weight loss

How does TRIM work?

Our product is backed by science.

The ingredients in TRIM are carefully selected to provide proven fat metaboliser effects that work in conjunction with a proper workout regimen. A key ingredient present in TRIM is acetyl-l-carnitine, which when taken, can help you target those stubborn body fat stores that are typically difficult to burn off. This essential ingredient breaks down fatty acids to produce energy, thereby aiding in weight loss.

TRIM may also positively impact health by improving blood sugar and cholesterol levels in regular users. With a combination of consistent usage, healthy diet and exercise, TRIM can help you achieve weight loss results more efficiently. So, if you are looking for a natural and scientifically-backed solution to shedding those extra pounds, TRIM is the perfect choice for you.

What are the ingredients in TRIM?

Our two hero ingredients are Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and acetyl-L-carnitine. CLA is a type of polyunsaturated fatty acid that has been associated with a variety of health benefits, such as reducing body fat, improving cholesterol levels, and boosting immunity. Acetyl-L-carnitine is an amino acid that helps to increase energy levels, improve mental focus, and reduce fatigue. When taken together, CLA and acetyl-L-carnitine can work together to promote health and wellness. They can help increase metabolism, reduce inflammation, and improve overall energy levels. By promoting mitochondrial health, they can support improved heart health, mental well-being, and muscle maintenance. They can also provide antioxidant protection from free radicals that cause cellular damage.
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plant based protein powder for weight loss


TRIM is best taken first thing in the morning or immediately before exercise.

We recommend 15g (3 scoops ) daily mixed with as much water as you like. If you really want to accelerate results we highly recommend combining exercise and healthy eating.

No, TRIM is a fat metaboliser and is not a meal replacement. TRIM does help to curb your appetite but isn’t designed as a meal substitute.