How our protein powder was born

We’ve been in the fitness industry for a couple of generations. We live and breathe fitness, it’s not just a job for us it’s our way of life. We’ve tried every protein on the market, some are grainy, some are full of sugar and goodness knows what else and some are just plain bad for you. Some have given us acne and indigestion and all have left a bad taste in our mouth. Our powder has been a love in the making. We’ve tried and tested everything natural and pure for the soul and we can say hand on heart that we have created a protein powder that not only tastes delicious but is actually good for you. It’s made in Australia with all natural ingredients. We care about what we feed our bodies and we equally care about our planet and all living creatures on it. We believe that our generation will instigate a phenomenal change in restoring balance to a fragile environment. We believe that you are just the person to change it xoxo

We Love Our Planet

We understand the importance of ethical and sustainable production. That’s why all of our products are completely natural and made with love in Australia. We’re passionate about promoting health and wellness, without compromising on the environment. In addition, we use recyclable and reusable packaging, so you can feel good about reducing your environmental footprint while still enjoying the same great taste and quality of our products.

We Love You!

At Plant Powered Gen, we care about what we put into our products and their effect on you. That’s why we use only the highest quality, natural, and plant-based ingredients. Our products are enriched with essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that provide the nourishment required to ensure optimum health and wellness. Whether you’re looking for a meal replacement, a boost of energy, or just a way to optimise your diet, our carefully crafted products have you covered. We also never test our products on animals, so you can be sure that every product is safe and ethically produced.

To Our Sensitive Brothers & Sisters

Our plant-based protein is free from dairy, gluten, and any artificial additives. We know that dairy and gluten sensitivities are becoming more and more common, and we are proud to provide an alternative to those looking for a high-quality protein source.

We source only the finest quality raw materials to ensure optimal nutrition, and use a meticulous filtration process to ensure our products are free of any allergens or contaminants.

Whether you’re looking to optimize your diet or just want a safe and delicious source of protein, our plant-based proteins will help fuel your active lifestyle.

Why wait to feel better? Check out our plant-based protein today to experience a transformational change in you!